Awesome Wicker Bedroom Furniture Regarded As Durable Furniture

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After driving my car for seven hours, I arrive at my aunt’s house which is categorized as large house. Apparently this house is designed by combining modern and classic architecture. She builds many bedrooms in this large house to let guests visiting her stay overnight. I would like to stay overnight in this house since I feel tired after taking a long trip. She shows me a bedroom where I can take a rest. This bedroom is furnished with Wicker Bedroom Furniture. High quality wood is selected well to craft precious furniture like this. Curve shaped bed headboard indicates classic bedroom style.

Natural Wicker Bedroom Furniture

Next to bed, there is small wood bedside table where classic table lamp lays on it. Laminate flooring under bed is covered with white carpet. French windows let me see beautiful garden outside. Vintage dressing table is made of wood too. Several drawers are set under dressing table. Beautiful flowers embellish this dressing table. On corner there is fresh indoor plant for peaceful atmosphere. Another bedroom is also equipped with lacquered Wicker Bedroom Furniture.

I see a bedroom intended for my aunt’s son. This bedroom is painted in Tosca. Circular mirror accompanies lacquered wood dressing table. Old floor tile is layered with grey carpet. Modern bed made of wood is supplied with striped blue quilt. Small wood bedside table is used to place old table lamp. Artistic painting is adhered above curve shaped bed headboard. Cabinet containing several drawers is also made of lacquered wood.

White Wicker Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom on upstairs is furnished with lacquered Wicker Bedroom Furniture design in white color for bright view. Modern white bed is supplied with green quilt. Small white bedside table and antique table lamp is put on left side of bed. On corner there is fake palm tree as fresh ornament. French window allows occupant to see beautiful panorama from higher point of view.

13 Photos of the Awesome Wicker Bedroom Furniture Regarded As Durable Furniture

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