Awesome Scandinavian Interior Design for Small Apartment

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In the development of the modern home living in this world, there are many people have their own creativity about the interior design like the Scandinavian Interior Design. The Scandinavian interior is one of the most popular interior design that has been applied in many modern houses in this world. This kind of interior design will be also very suitable to be applied in the large or small home living.

Scandinavian Interior Design in White

This time, here we are going to review a modern apartment in the small size. That minimalist apartment is very interesting and looks great because it is also equipped with the very nice and inspiring decorating ideas. In the inside of the living room of that apartment, there is the application of the Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas. That makes the living room of that apartment has a better look. The existence of the white color in the Scandinavian interior enhances the elegant atmosphere of that apartment.

In the living of that apartment that is only build in a limited floor space, there is also the usage of the rug that has striped motif. That striped motif is also in the great color combination as well. The colors are white and black. The existence of the black color in that Scandinavian interior is very interesting. The striped motif and black color is also found in the other stuffs.

Scandinavian Interior Design: Usage of Dark Colors

They are including the cushions of the sofa and the wall decoration. However, the sofa unit of that small living room in that apartment is in the white color. Actually, there is also another different color in the dining room. That is the light brown dining table. That light brown color dining table is also very interesting because it is from the wooden material that is used to build the dining table in that Scandinavian Interior Design Small Space in that apartment.

23 Photos of the Awesome Scandinavian Interior Design for Small Apartment

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