Awesome Mary Rose Museum in Unusual Design Exhibits Unique Ships

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As a teacher, I have to explore any ideas to deliver material using fresh teaching method. Thus, I decide to take my students visiting a museum so, they can understand material which has been taught before. This museum exhibits any items related to subject that teach toward all of students. They seem glad visiting well known Mary Rose Museum. Exterior design of this museum looks like UFO or great ship designed in high technology. Around museum area there is large river. Visitors can see beautiful sight of river. Edge of river is protected with metallic railing.

Great Mary Rose Museum

Large ship design polished in black color adds stunning view of museum. Mary Rose Museum design becomes attractive item which enables all visitors interested visiting this tourism object. There is cafeteria in this museum which is furnished with modern furniture. Lacquered wood dining table is equipped with orange and grey side chairs made of acrylic material. White tube pendant lamps hanging on white ceiling illuminate this cafeteria perfectly.

Dark Themed Mary Rose Museum

In this museum, we can see futuristic architecture which is full of modern furniture. Glass door and glass wall allow us to see wonderful sight of river and town overlooking. Tough metallic railing borders area of this river. Large bookcase in black color is applied in this cafeteria. There are many ornaments stored on black bookcase.

In this unusual Mary Rose Museum design, there is unique circular architecture inside of museum. Dark color dominates museum interior. Curve shaped screen presents nice picture that makes visitors get additional information related to voyage and ships. Hidden lights installed on modern museum design spread soft lighting effect over this room. When I look at nice replica of ships, I feel as if I am in sailing ship. Some items exhibited in this museum are concealed with glass wall.

12 Photos of the Awesome Mary Rose Museum in Unusual Design Exhibits Unique Ships

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