Awesome Kitchen Island Design Looks Stunning In White Combined With Silver

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To get new model of kitchen design, my father takes me to a professional designer’s house. He says that we can renovate our house into more incredible flair. A designer who we meet is agreeable man. Surely in his luxurious house he applies furniture in various styles. I would like to buy furniture existing in his house because model of furniture is futuristic and very inspiring. My father and I look around all living spaces furnished with cool furniture and precious decoration. Finally I get into a kitchen which is furnished with kitchen set. I am interested in kitchen island design applied here since it has elegant design.

Simple Kitchen Island Design

This modern kitchen island design is colored in silver. Upper side of kitchen island is crafted of untreated wood. There is artistic fruit bowl containing apples on it. Some books and small indoor plant are placed on this kitchen island. This kitchen island is supplied with glossy drawers made of metals. Under kitchen island is modified as bookcase containing a lot of books. Silver barstool in modern style is placed in front of kitchen island. I see beautiful wall mural adhered on wall for scenic view. Stripes venetian blind conceals glass window in kitchen. Modern kitchen island is supplied with casters to ease occupants to move it.

Create Stunning Kitchen with Elegant Kitchen Island Design

I further look at elegant design of kitchen set dominated with white and silver colors. Sleek marble floor matches with elegant kitchen furniture applied here. Modern tall kitchen cabinet looks glossy in silver stainless steel. White kitchen cabinet matches with white breadboard in kitchen. On center there is white kitchen countertop in white. It is equipped with white drawers. Cool white barstools are set around it. Wine bottle and fruit bowl containing apples are placed on it.

Sectional kitchen island in this kitchen represents elegant taste of owner. Because kitchen island is polished in white color it arouses bright view over kitchen. Stainless steel range hood is installed above modern stove. On corner of kitchen island there is glossy dark vase consisting of white orchid for fresh sight. Modern kitchen appliances are set on this kitchen island. Modern tap, basin and drawers painted in white create bright modern kitchen island design which interests me to buy stylish kitchen island like this one.

12 Photos of the Awesome Kitchen Island Design Looks Stunning In White Combined With Silver

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