Awesome Glass Pavilion Model as Pavilion Alternative Design

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Actually, there are any kinds of model from house living like glass pavilion, where this seems like villa, but has glass design for a whole of building. Most of building surrounded by glass and only little bit hard wall. The exterior look more shine because of the existing of glass itself. People inside of pavilion also can see outside with only sit inside of home building. The fa├žade of pavilion which covered by glass accommodate people to see around of environment around of land. They can enjoy natural environment from inside of room. Actually, this pavilion deliberately designed with large land. The land itself divided into some parts. The large part for building which is located in the middle of land. Then, there is free space for parks which surround main building and land it. So, even the pavilion use more of glasses, it still can be covered by large parks which surround those land.

Glass Pavilion Concept

The main concept is similar with villa or other home stay. The difference only on the using of big land which surround that land. The location seems like in country side, where it almost covered by natural environment around of land. The modern glass pavilion deliberately designed with modern material and modern model. The main building itself like modern pavilion which exist in the middle of big park. The main pathway on front of pavilion designed with path step which made from bricks and cements. It seems like far from main entryway on front of pavilion. The location for vehicle is very separated far from main building of pavilion. Next, before enter to the pavilion, there is a small terrace which contained by set of sofas and table. So, it looks like a simple living set which exist outside.

Hermann Porch

Next, for inside of pavilion consist from some rooms like usual. There is a living room which facilitated like a family room. Because there are some sofas, table, chairs, and also fireplace which exist in that place. Then, other side there is a dining room which consists from completed dining sets like chairs, and glass table. For bedroom is very nice, where the bed lead to the glass window, then there is a television which lead to the bed. And other side there is a simple fireplace too. Sofas and table also exist inside of bedroom. The unique one from this pavilion is there is big room which used for garage, but it seems like a display place. Because there are some elegant unique cars which put in line, like in car display. Then, for bathroom also designed with open model. Where the bath sets lead to the glass window. This pavilion is designed with two floors, where there is outside staircase.

Glass Pavilion View

Like already mentioned before that the main view of pavilion is natural environment around of land. The parks which surround pavilion become adorable with existing of some plants and flowers. The view itself also can be looked in sundeck spot which exist in behind of pavilion. There is a spot like terrace which completed by sundeck chairs. Glass pavilion nuance is very completed with that kind of design; where there is still natural environment exist in that area.

9 Photos of the Awesome Glass Pavilion Model as Pavilion Alternative Design

Hermann Back ViewHermann PorchHermann Living2Hermann LivingHermann Dining2Hermann DiningHermann CollectionHermann Bath2Hermann Bath

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