Awesome Dutch Villa for Fish Lover

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Have you ever think about a villa that comes with natural atmosphere? If the answer is yes then Dutch villa might be your choice to stay. The main design of this villa is inspired by natural dream and spirit of life. It also has sophisticated impression after all. This design is really suitable especially for people whom like preserving pets in their home. Of course pet is not only about dog and cat. What I talked here are fishes in aquarium. Big and gentle aquarium locating in the edge of second floor so you can see them swim back and forth while talking with your friend in the first floor living room.

Awesome Dutch Villa Design

Take a look at some aspect which made this villa becomes incredibly awesome. In the first floor of beautiful Dutch villa is living room. This room is filling with natural colour items such as brown leather sofa and dark fur rug. White is being a dominant colour on the wall. Marble flooring is combined with wooden roof in stripes design. Soft yellow lighting which producing dim light must be best applied at the night. There’s also fireplace below white pillar which becomes a centre detail of living room. Artistic lamps in round shape arrange by size is hanging from the roof. At the other side is dining room with different lamp. This lamp seems like star constellations. It instantly enhancing intimate and romantic atmosphere at dining room. It must be goo for couple dinner.

This dining room is unique though. Instead of using wooden chair, it uses combination of arm chair and sofas. Near the dining room is bar area, with white bar stools, this area looks so modern. Besides white colour, all of this room have wood detail in it. The wooden detail is applied in stripes design on the bar desk, as a curtain, wall decoration, fireplace decoration and also aquarium décor.

Aquarium in Dutch Villa

Now, let’s talk about the aquarium. This aquarium is build along the edge of second floor. It also has a function as a guardrail. Besides aquarium, second floor has a kind of meeting room with wooden table and leather chair. The aquarium’s design is close to sea scenery by putting some details such as seaweed and coral. In short, beautiful Dutch villa design will be tempting you by its natural glamour taste.

11 Photos of the Awesome Dutch Villa for Fish Lover

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