Attractive Tile Patterns Bring Out Geometric Accent for Cool View

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When we build a house, we should consider decoration of wall, ceiling and floor. Floor should have nice appearance and good texture because it is main space where we step on it. There are many Tile Patterns which can be chosen based on our preference. Certainly tile pattern must be appropriate with house interior concept to create harmonious tone. I come to my cousin’s house which is decorated with various patterns of tiles. She insists different tile designs on each living space will arouse different atmosphere. Most of tile designs in her house bring out natural ideas.

Neutral Tile Patterns

In kitchen she applies natural Tile Patterns that seem like common concrete floor. At a glance this floor tile pattern belongs to stone floor because of its natural design. It is suitable with rustic wood kitchen furniture. I find various patterns of tile applied on each bathroom in her house. Bathroom located inside of her bedroom is decorated with glossy dark tile which is arranged like brick wall texture. Rhombus pattern of tile is applied on corner. Bath tub and floor is also decorated with shiny dark tile.

Geometric Accent of Tile Patterns

Another bathroom in her house is decorated with white tile pattern for neutral image. From distance this tile pattern seems like common brick wall. Surface of this tile feels so soft and sleek. Stainless steel faucet is fitted on interesting natural tile. In shower enclosure, I find similar design of tile which adopts natural image of tile appearance. Wall of shower cabin is embellished with mosaic tile.

Living room is designed with sleek natural Tile Patterns. Geometric design of this tile pattern dominates this floor tile. I think this floor tile seems clean always. White beadboard melds with shiny white ceramic floor. Old wood furniture and wood door matches with natural tile pattern. Bathroom on ground floor is decorated with mosaic pattern that makes tile pattern more attractive.

13 Photos of the Attractive Tile Patterns Bring Out Geometric Accent for Cool View

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