Astounding California Rancher Home Design

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Today, I want to share with you some pictures of California Rancher and some description about the pictures. What can you say about this stunning home design? I think, this home is inspirational enough for us so that we can have some ideas of the home design to be applied to our home. I love both indoor and outdoor designs of the home. With white interior, wood materials, and beautiful yards, the home looks perfect.

California Rancher Living Room Design

If you have a look at the image of living room design with white interior of this California ranch house, you will be amazed with the clean and cozy sense of the room. The white wood beams supporting the ceiling, white wood planks for the wall and ceiling, and wooden flooring creates warm atmosphere to the living room. In addition, it is featured with smooth white sofa, wooden coffee table, fireplace, wooden desk, and some accessories such as greeneries and antique wall lamps.

California Rancher Bedroom Design

The bedroom is also designed in line with the living room, kitchen, and dining space interior design. It has white wooden wall and ceiling with wood beams and wooden flooring. The bedroom looks elegant and luxurious since it is equipped with chubby white bed with luxury headboard. The bed has two bed side tables where to classic table lamps stand on. I love also the idea of adding modern ceiling lamps and smooth carpet that make the bedroom looks more impressive.

Besides paying attentions to the living room and bedroom design, you can also have a look at the dining space, kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor design with beautiful landscape and cozy patio. Then, please share your review about this California ranch house design, the interior designs, and the architecture so that we can have some more discussions about this comfortable ranch house.

12 Photos of the Astounding California Rancher Home Design

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