Antique Brass Decor Pieces Bring an Ancient Look to Your Home

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The old trend has come back in 2013; it is the brass décor pieces. You can find some items made of brass, from small ornaments to furniture. All of them are available in stores and online. They all are made creatively and uniquely follow the current trend in 2013. Every type and style of your house matches with these decorations.

Brass Decor Pieces for Furniture

Brass décor pieces ideas result unique and antique furniture. Brass can be produced into many kinds of tables, such as coffee table, dining table, and end table. All of those tables look very unique and pretty. There is an example of brass side table which is produced of recyclable aluminum. This table has double functions, as a table and a stool. Another item made of brass is lighting. Brass lighting looks contemporary and retro at once. Wall lamps, pendant lamps, and table lamps can be made of brass. The color and the texture of brass give unique and antique effect to the lamps. As the result, when you turn the lamp on, a warm nuance comes out through your room.

Brass Decor Pieces for small accessories

Brass also creates small accessories. The brass vases, bowls, spoons, forks, and knifes for your collection are available in stores. For kids, there are a small brass cute squirrel, a unique and beautiful brass peacock, and a brass moustache. Even your bathroom is suitable for a brass mirror. Your office room or the kid’s desk can be decorated with brass pencil holders.
If you are looking for different accessories or unique furniture, brass is a good alternative to decorate your home. It is not old-fashioned anymore in 2013. Brass not only creates ancient and elegant style, but also modern and contemporary style. With creative imagination, it will be unique and beautiful accessories. As a suggestion, you may have some of those antique brass décor pieces ideas into your home.

12 Photos of the Antique Brass Decor Pieces Bring an Ancient Look to Your Home

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