An Elegant Russian penthouse in A Historical City of Saint Petersburg

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An elegant and extravagant white Russian penthouse has been established in Saint Petersburg city. A NPS Tchoban Voss, a Berlin architectural firm, collaborate with ST Design as the designers of the penthouse. They took a modern and sophisticated architectural design combine with ergonomic interiors and flowing form. With four levels available, this penthouse consists of spacious rooms to offer.

Russian penthouse with Amazing Features

The modern and sophisticated Russian penthouse design offers you some amazing features. The top level allows you to enjoy the fantastic view of the historical city, the Saint Petersburg. A beautiful staircase is built to connect the top level and the third level. The large glass windows are installed to give natural ventilation and lighting for mid day, while the beautiful and layered pendant lights help to bright the room in the evening. The black wooden floor brings more modern style through the room.

Entertainment Stuffs at Russian penthouse

Some large entertainment rooms are designed for your pleasure time at home with family or friends. The living room is designed and furnished with some unique furniture. The flat-screen TV is placed in unique built-in bookshelves. The black and grey couches and puffs are arranged revolve a small glass coffee table. The media room furnished with L-shaped sofa and a brown leather couch has been created to watch your favorite movies using a big screen TV. There is a small but elegant library furnished with a big black bookshelf, a grey loveseat, a brown couch, an end table, and a floor lamp.
The penthouse certainly shows an amalgamation of elegance and extravagance. The use of the glass walls and windows allow you to enjoy the beautiful panorama outside. The design and style of the interiors perform the contemporary and modern design which becomes popular nowadays. The elegant Russian penthouse design is a good alternative to design your penthouse.

14 Photos of the An Elegant Russian penthouse in A Historical City of Saint Petersburg

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