Amused Neat Interior for Slight and Clean Look

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Slight concept and clean look making neat interior looks suitable for any room. It also very stylish besides functional effect that coming together with the furniture then monochrome such as white and black used to combined for better ambience but bold colour and even brightest one can be good idea to pick.

Compact Neat Interior

Here are some quick glance looks of slight room interior. The Summit House in Edmonton, Canada designed by Habitat Studio & Workshop is a kind of residence that delivering neat home interior design. Compact façade coming from box exterior with combination of concrete wall, glass, and wood are facing large green area both at front yard and backyard. Exposed concrete is also build as walkways before coming to glossy front door made from beech wooden material.

More than grass area, green atmosphere is also coming from a bunch of flower and pine trees which planted near the house’s wing. This place is best reflected holiday retreat’s situation when people can do their activity in comfort and calm ambience. Of course that there is a deck which having double wooden arm chair and a short coffee table with horizontal wooden wall décor. Glossy furniture strikes at indoor space where glossy marble kitchen island is combined with black bar stool, stainless steel refrigerator, and glossy tile backsplash in broken white palette.

Neat Interior Style

However, there is no room separator between three main public rooms. Kitchen area and dining room has no thick separator besides it difference furniture. Mostly living space is also use monochrome colour with colourful bubble detail attached on the wall near the modern fireplace built. Abstract painting is display in hallway with LED effect installed above the ceiling then bathroom is dominated with grey look consist of frosted glass door for standing shower, molded marble tile cabinet, and slim bathtub which completing neat home interior design style.

7 Photos of the Amused Neat Interior for Slight and Clean Look

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