Amazing Villa Design in Country Side Area

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The country side nowadays becomes a good option for locating villa design, where people can enjoy their holiday time freely. With utilizing natural environment around of villa, people can enjoy any nuance on that place. The best villa which exist in this world is huge and glamour villa in Europe or America. The best because of land which used for build those house living is very large, and also has glamour side for every part of it. Even, the land already utilized by main building of villa, there is still free space of land which is empty, and deliberately like that in order to make a natural sense. Talking about building, those villas include on big building, because the main building is very huge and has many rooms with many facilities too. The outside swimming pool also becomes one of best place in there with sundeck on one side and very enjoyable when summer comes.

Villa Design Structure

The structure of villa itself is unique classic and modern. That is a combination between some models, where it blended very well, including on its interior. Luxury villa design always uses that kind of model, and makes it unity into one single blended model. The outside of building consist from some unique things and facilities. On behind of villa, there are swimming pool, sundeck space, park, and field. There is also big terrace which exist and connected toward inside of villa.

Then, for inside of villa consist from some rooms which is very completed. They are like unique family room, where this room designed with many sofas, completed by table also a fireplace. The position of that room is semi outdoor, where there is no glass window as covered on its one side. Then, there is private office too inside of villa. There are some shelves in that room, so it looks like a library. There is a living room with some sofas, table, and completed by a fireplace too. Actually, there is one big space on top of building which can be used for sundeck space. From those spot, people can see around of land.

Villa Design Model

Actually, the model for villa itself not always glamour and modern. People can design it with different taste. For example like originally classic, where people can put many things about classic theme, or people can design it into favorite hobby application. The hobby can be one of based for theme. Villa design ideas always appear when people want to make it, and also considered by many things too.

8 Photos of the Amazing Villa Design in Country Side Area

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