Amazing Spiral Staircases Design for Inside and Outside of Home

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Some people prefer to build more than one floor, so there is a spiral staircase which exists inside or outside of home. The staircases itself is deliberately made to connect ground floor, and other floor on top. The model of staircases actually consists from some designs. There are like spiral model, straight model, angle model, or any other models. Usually, people use spiral model which has unique and futuristic model on its form. The model is little bit circle, but not fully circle. It is such kind of a half of oval, where from top to bottom is spiral way. The material for this kind of staircases also various. Where some of people prefer to use wood as main component. Then, some of them also use metal, glass, or combination from those materials to become the main component for staircases. With the unique form itself, people attract to use it as part of home, where it has function to connect ground floor and other floor on top.

Spiral Staircases Architecture
In above already mentioned that the basic form from this kind of staircases is little bit circle, but a half of it. The spiral model which becomes main way to form those kinds of ladder, and it is rotated from one side to another side of direction. Spiral staircases model as one of favorite part of home which becomes connection between ground floor and other floor on top, always has unique design, where the materials also play on that matter. With combination from some materials, or only with single material, the staircases itself already has special character or looking on the corner of home. Usually, people put that ladder on side of room, or on the corner of room. However, some people try to design different with put it in the middle of room. Sometimes, there is not only one single staircase that exist in one room, but also two of its which exist as connection in the middle of room.

The unique position itself become more attractive again with located that thing in the middle of room. The room will look separated, and then there are two ladders which exist in the middle of room, but on different side of direction. However, the floor on top itself become unity, so it is mean that there are two ways which connected ground floor and top floor. Beside to connect one floor and other floor on top, this staircase also used for connecting the library and room on the bottom of it. Some people design a library with some levels from bottom to top. Because of that matter, they need staircases as way to reach the books on top.

Spiral Staircases Component

The materials for staircases itself can be differed into some models. First is like wood which always used by people. The step board will be hard layer of wood, and then the holding also has same material. There is also steel component which become main material for it, where the step board and holding have same component. Then, there is combination too between those materials. Sometimes, the step board is wood, but for the holding is steel. Spiral staircases material not only become main foundation, but also gives special characteristic for that ladder itself.

20 Photos of the Amazing Spiral Staircases Design for Inside and Outside of Home

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