Amazing Country Residence Features Elegant Vintage Interiors

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Amazing greenery view is the bonus you may have in this country residence. Spain is the country which offers it to you along with a house in cottage style. It is perhaps the most luxurious cottage features large size and plush furniture in both outdoors and indoors. The porch is the first area to stop by and relax with white wicker seating set consists of a sofa and two couches, a wooden big coffee table, rattan chairs, and some buckets of flowers. The logs of the pergola ceiling design become an attractive point here.

Country Residence: the Family Room

Country residence design is mixed with elegant and vintage style where we will find many beautiful decors inside. The family room describes fully elegant style with its spacious area in soft furnishing. This makes it looks larger and clean from white and cream tones of the furniture, decors, and interior. Aside of seating furniture of a white sofa, two cream couches, a lounge chair, a white puff, and a white square table, there is also a white desk in the corner in classic model.

Country Residence: the Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is designed in beautiful vintage d├ęcor in purple tone and floral motive. A white canopy bed looks luxurious and very cozy for bedding time placed in the center area. Next to it there are two nightstands with each three drawers in both left and right side. Floral wallpaper in ivory hue of the backdrop gives more beautiful decorations. The room has French door style to access the garden as well as bring in maximum lighting.

Spain is a beautiful Europe country which always attracts hundred tourists every year. It offers you ancient architecture and beautiful nature landscape. Nobody cannot avoid or refuse them because they are able to give everyone exciting vacation. The house is one of its proofs that there is a family who wants to have a private living place surrounded by stunning panoramic. The amazing country residence design is the suitable style to the nature around.

12 Photos of the Amazing Country Residence Features Elegant Vintage Interiors

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