Amazing Contemporary Apartment Designed in Multi-Level

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We found some ideas of unique contemporary apartment of Taiwan’s WCH Studio project. The ideas are the selection of the materials of furniture and items and the apartment decoration. This modern apartment also provides for a serene ambiance. If you also want to have serene living experience for your modern apartment, you should find the ideas from here. Check these out!

Contemporary Apartment Materials

We post some inspirational photos of this apartment. From the photos, you can see the domination of the wood material such as wooden cabinet, wooden shelves in open design, wooden table in white, wooden chair in black, wooden flooring, wooden beams ceiling, etc. Then, there is also nice combination of wood with glass such as for the modern staircase and windows. This wood and glass furniture and items successfully create the contemporary apartment interior design of this multi-level designed apartment.

Contemporary Apartment Decoration

The combination of the white apartment painting and the black furniture is excellent. You can also see the creative addition of some stylish chandeliers above the staircase, greeneries near to glass window, modern pendant lamp at the living room and some ceiling lamps at the hallways and some spaces. Some statues kept in the open shelf next to the staircase also surprisingly decorate the apartment. The last, the furniture which is in white, wood, black, and upholstered finishing also create a nice decoration.

This multi-level apartment was designed to have a comfortable living with serene ambiance inside. With the domination of wooden furniture and the great combination of some items to create impressive decoration, this apartment looks really stunning. You can also learn the room management of this apartment. This apartment can be one of the best apartments I ever seen with unique multi-level design and gives some ideas of modern apartment interior design with stunning decorations.

18 Photos of the Amazing Contemporary Apartment Designed in Multi-Level

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