Alluring Tropical Home with Modern Design and the Touch of Nature Elements

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I was wowing when the first time I saw my best friend tropical home in Costa Rica. It is a modern house with sleek design which blends perfectly with natural elements and nature surrounding. This house has so many open areas which allows the fresh air to circulate around the house and in the same time allows anyone who stay inside to have broad view to the outside environment.

Uniqueness on Tropical Home

There are many things that can be saying very prominent in this attractive tropical home. You have to see these photos. It starts from the canopy roof above the kitchen and dining able area which ass traditional sense to the house. Timber board, natural stone and concrete wall is what covers up this house. You might see that the house looks like floating since the wooden terrace is lifting couple of inch from the ground below. The house is very open to the front side with the using of floor to ceiling glass windows. In some area, there even do not need any partition since it left open.

Fusion Elements on Tropical Home

Is you see this photo, you can see that in the middle of the house there is an open area that can be used for lounge or living room. The generous pool is design partially without roof and partially under the ceiling. The kitchen and dining area are design in simple sleek style where the cabinet in made of wood and the top of it is covers with marble. The kitchen sink is place is a chunk of wood standing side by side with white concrete kitchen island. Combination of it apparently mixes so well.

In the upper floor you still can see the floor to ceiling windows, but to all more private sense it located wooden grille in the front of the windows. This way it allows anyone who stay there to still enjoying the vast scenery but in the same time provide privacy. An open shower is located inside the bed room on the upper floor. The washbasin is made from unpolished concrete which gives natural look. You can see more of the attractive tropical home design in below photos.

15 Photos of the Alluring Tropical Home with Modern Design and the Touch of Nature Elements

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