How to Estimate the Cost of 3 Bedroom House Plans

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If you are looking to estimate the cost of the 3 bedroom house plans, you will have to make an effort to understand a few things. First and foremost, you have to measure the area of the house. The cost of the 3 bedroom house will increase if the area is more and vice-versa. There are other factors as well that impact the price and it is very important for you to have an idea of these before you venture out to buy or rent a 3 bedroom house. Read on to know more.

Estimating the cost of 3 bedroom house plans

  1. Size – As mentioned above, size or area of the house plays a deciding role in the cost of the house. A 3 bedroom house can have 3 large rooms, 2 large and one small room, or 3 small rooms. As a result, there cannot be a fixed rate for the 3 bedroom houses. If the rooms are all small and there is no balcony, you may just find a cheap 3 bedroom house plan. So see the house first and then you will be able to properly understand just how much money you have to pay for it.

    Affordable 3 Bedroom House Plans
  2. Location – The location of the house also matters when making house plans. If the 3 bedroom house is located in the heart of the city, you will have to pay a lot more than a house that is situated in the suburbs. So keep this in mind when you are calculating the cost of a 3 bedroom home.

  3. Kind of house – A 3 bedroom home can be simple or luxurious. The simple 3 bedroom house plans are less expensive than the luxury 3 bedroom house plans. So if you want to pay less, you may have to settle for the former option. These houses may not have all the facilities of a luxury home, but would surely be worth your money if you find a good place. On the other hand, if you do not mind paying more, you can find a great luxury 3 bedroom home as well.

  4. Interiors and furnishing – Some of the plans for 3 bedroom houses also include the interiors and the furnishing. This means the plans of the houses include the furniture and the interior decoration charges. As a result, such houses tend to cost more. If you are looking for a rented apartment, you may find houses that are fully furnished. Such a house will obviously cost you more money than an unfurnished 3 bedroom house.

  5. Age of the house – The age of the house also is a factor when estimating the cost of the house. In most cases, a new house is more expensive than a house that is being resold. However, when buying a used house, you have to be careful and see what condition the house is in. If the house has been damaged or has aged a lot, it is better to pay an additional amount and move into a house that will remain in a usable state for a longer time.

Finding the best 3 bedroom house plans

Now that you know how to estimate the cost of a 3 bedroom home, go ahead and look out for the plans. You can find these plans on the internet, in magazines, blogs and also in an architect’s office. Alternatively, you can speak to friends or family members who recently bought or rented a 3 bedroom house. Do some research and keep the above mentioned points in mind and very soon you will find the best and the most suitable 3 bedroom house plans.


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